OPTIFAST VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)

A VLCD is a low carbohydrate, total food replacement for the dietary management of obesity. It is a nutritionally complete program providing 800 calories or less per day. It is nutritionally complete for all vitamins and minerals.

Very low calorie diets (also known as VLEDs or Very Low Energy Diets) have been shown to be very effective in the management of obesity, with weekly weight losses averaging approximately 1-2.5kg per week, providing greater initial weight loss than other forms of calorie restriction.

The OPTIFAST® VLCD™ Program Intensive level is followed for a period of up to 12 weeks; this is then followed by a gradual re-introduction of food through the next three levels of the program. This will not only teach you how to lose weight, it will also teach you how to make sustainable lifestyle changes that will help you keep the weight off long term.

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